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2017/18  Executive Officers

President:  Joe Bauer
Vice Pres:  Shane Will
Secretary:  Lori Schutte
Treasurer:  Holly Kohl

Board Members

Terms of 2018-20
Charlie Bauer
Eric ________
Larry Guralski
Jeff Vetterkind

Terms of 2017-19
Lee Belanger
Steve Johnson
Don Southworth

Committee Chair

Membership/Events: Sherri Bauer and Jennifer Johnson
Located in Central Wisconsin, where Hwy's 51/39 & 29 meet
* April 10 (Tues) MEETING 525 Track main building. 6:30 lunch, 7:00 Meeting. Likely chicken or lasagna.* April 10 (Tues) MEETING 525 Track main building. 6:30 lunch, 7:00 Meeting. Likely chicken or lasagna..QUICK HITS 2017-18 Season  
*All Year* See the AWSC Events listing to find a worthwhile snow or event happening in the area you plan to visit
DUES ARE  PAST DUE for 2017-18 season.  See Membership to use PayPal.  Avoid $2 charge:
If Paying by Check Send $20 to:
Rib Knights Snowmobile Club
P.O. Box 315
Wausau, WI 54402

* CLUB EVENTS throughout the state as listed at AWSC
* April 10  (Tues) MEETING 525 Track main building. 6:30 lunch, 7:00 Meeting. Likely chicken or lasagna.

* July 20-22 (Fri-Sun) CLUB SUMMER CAMP OUT AT  the West Eau Pleine Group Campsite/ picnic area. (this is NOT the south camping area but IS south of the West beach and camping area.
* July 21 (Sat) CLUB SUMMER CAMP OUT PICNIC AT the West Eau Pleine Group Campsite/ picnic area.

*MARCH 12: ALL remaining Marathon County Trails will CLOSE at 8 AM

*Please see links for more updates as trail begin to open in surrounding counties.

NOTE: ATV's do NOT need a trail pass sticker. 
FINES: $200 if on trail without a trail pass or receipt.
TRAIL PASS: You must have your AWSC number and Sled ID numbers to get passes.
TRAIL PASS can be purchased for full price ($30) and the receipt is good for 10 days! and must be on the sled for show.
TRAIL PASSES purchased with the club discount are VALID with a receipt for a 3 week grace period. 
Has been approved by the legislature and signed into law.  Below is a summary found on the AWSC web site, reprinted here for your benefit:
1.  When does this new law go into effect? 
July, 2015.  Act 142 requires each snowmobile operating on trails to display a WI Trail Pass to be purchased annually. This is separate from the WI snowmobile registration fee structure which will change to a $30/3 year registration.  Currently it is $30/2 years. 
2.  What is the cost of the trail pass?
Once Act 142 is implemented, if your membership dues with one of the nearly 600 AWSC snowmobile clubs statewide are up to date and the club has paid your AWSC dues, the cost of the Trail Pass will be $10.  If you are purchasing the new Trail Pass and are NOT an AWSC and snowmobile club member the cost will be $30 per snowmobile.
3. Do I have to join a club?
 No – It will be your choice to join one of the nearly 600 AWSC snowmobile clubs statewide.  Please remember that without the clubs and volunteers there would be NO TRAILS!  It is the club volunteers that provide and maintain the WI Snowmobile Trail System.
4.  Where do the funds from the trail pass go?
The revenue generated from the sale of snowmobile registrations and Trail Passes will go into the state snowmobile program’s segregated fund. 
5. How do I obtain my trail pass?
To purchase a trail pass ONLINE go to AWSC.
6. The TRAIL PASS should be placed "as high as possible" on the hood of the snowmobile.

2018 Fall Workshop
October 2018

2018 Spring Convention
March , Green Bay
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One storm  and 11 + inches of the white stuff in April. 
Club Summer Campout this July 20-22 at Eau Pleine West Group Site